CruiseShow - Weather 

Weather Module

This module informs about all important and interesting meteorological data. Relative wind direction and speed are show as a diagram, all other data rotate in the information bar at the bottom of the screen.

Weather data processed by CruiseShow include:
► Relative wind speed
► Absolute wind speed
► Relative wind direction
► Absolute wind direction
► Air temperature
► Air pressure
► Humidity

These data are provided by the ship's weather station or will be calculated by the system using relative wind speed/direction and ship's speed/course. Each of these items can be entered manually, in case no weather station is available.

Further, the following items can be entered manually:
► General weather condition
► Sea force
► Sea temperature

All items can be activated individually for display. Units (°C/°F) for manual temperature input and output can be set according to customers demands and will be converted accordingly. Additionally, up to eight different swimming pools temperatures can be entered manually.

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